1956 Aintree Grand National – E.S.B.

One of the best known Grand Nationals of all time. Future author Dick Francis on board the Queen Mother’s horse Devon Loch. Yards from certain victory, the horse suddenly and inexplicably leapt into the air, did the splits on landing and handed the race to E.S.B.

The race also featured 1953 winner Early Mist, 1954 winner Royal Tan and 1957 winner Sundew.

E.S.B. wins the 1956 Grand National:

Full race result:

1 ESB David Dick 10 11st 3lb 100/7
2 Gental Moya George Milburn 10 10st 2lb 22/1
3 Royal Tan Tosse Taaffe 12 12st 1lb 28/1
4 Eagle Lodge Alan Oughton 7 10st 1lb 66/1
5 Ken Royal Tim Moloney 8 10st 8lb 28/1
6 Martinique Stan Mellor 10 10st 0lb 40/1
7 Carey’s Cottage Bob Turnell 9 10st 13lb 10/1
8 Clearing Johnny Bullock 9 10st 1lb 66/1
9 Wild Wisdom Luther Bridge 11 10st 1lb 66/1

Also ran: Early Mist, High Guard, Must, Reverend Prince, No Response, Mariner’s Log, Merry Windsor, Athenian, Border Luck, Ma’s Tu Vu, Dunboy II, Polonius, Domata, Witty, Sundew, Pippykin, Armorial III, Much Obliged, Ontray, Devon Loch.

Race time: 9m 22.8s

1956 Grand National Race Card / Programme1956 Grand National Race Card

Seen here is the 1956 Grand National souvenir programme. Given that this is one of the most memorable Grand Nationals in history, this race card is highly sought after. In good, clean condition, we would expect this programme to be amongst the most valuable of the post-war era.