Christmas Gift Ideas For Horse Racing Fans

With Christmas fast approaching its time to give some thought as to what might be the perfect gift to go under the tree this year. Having a specific interest or hobby always makes Christmas gift buying that little bit easier but with such an array of products and collectibles available, what do you get for the horse racing fan in your life? Below, we have highlighted some of the options available, along with some advice on what to look out for and any pitfalls to avoid.

Cufflinks/Tie Set  1. The Simple Options

With so much to arrange at this time of year it can pay to keep things simple. There are some horse racing themed products available which are specifically designed with the gift market in mind and may even come complete with a presentation gift box. A good example of this could be a silk tie with a horse racing design or even a silk tie and cufflinks set. Glassware is also available with horse racing themes and comes in a wide variety of styles, including tumblers, wine glasses and dishes. A good idea for a gift might be a personalised glass tankard with a horse racing design. The classic porcelain mug is another possibility to consider and these can be found in a wide variety of different designs.


Horse Racing Print  2. Decorative

Your horse racing fan might appreciate something decorative for either the home or office. Original oil paintings, either new or antique, can be fabulous and often very expensive too. More realistic for most budgets could be a limited edition print. These replicas of original artwork can be almost as impressive, without the expense and make great gifts. Photographs are also often available, sometimes framed and may be signed by a jockey, trainer, racehorse owner etc. Before purchasing one of these, you should satisfy yourself as to whether the signature is an original, hand-signed or a printed copy. As an alternative, you might consider a statue or ornament. These come in a range of materials, such as bronze or porcelain and can vary considerably in price but can make a spectacular room decoration.


A.P. McCoy  3. Reading Material

Another easy option, you will find a large range of books on racehorses and horse racing available to buy. Does the horse racing fan in your life have a favourite racehorse? Desert Orchid, Red Rum, Arkle and a great many other racehorses all have had books written about them. Chances are there is a book on your own favourite. Biographies are also popular and you can find these for a great many jockeys, racehorse trainers and horse racing celebrities.


1928 Melbourne Cup4. For The Serious Collector

This is perhaps the most difficult category to buy for. Collectors of horse racing memorabila collect all sorts of things, perhaps most commonly horse racing badges (or pins) and race cards. This means purchasing second-hand goods. Reading our sections, “Collect Horse Racing Badges/Pins” and “Collect Horse Racing Race cards” might help you make the right choice. Above all, remember that condition and completeness are all important.


Horse Race Challenge  5. Fun For All The Family

It is Christmas after all and in our opinion there is no better gift to buy than one the whole family can join in with and enjoy, whether they are fans of horse racing or not. There are some very good horse racing toys and games available, some of which have stood the test of time and have been in production for decades. Escalado and Totopoly are good examples of these and the Really Nasty Horse Racing Game is becoming a classic too. For those that prefer a little more action than a board game can provide, there are various electronic and motorised racing games to be found too. Silverlit produce a “Scalextric-style” track game for 2-6 horses which is a lot of fun, as are “Horse Race Challenge” and “Horse Racing Derby”.