Electronic Horse Racing Games

There are, of course, a great many electronic horse racing games that have been produced at one time or another, especially when you take into consideration handheld products. The ones we’re going to take a look at here though are those multi-player games which make great entertainment at parties and are amongst the most sought after and those that we receive the most requests for.

Unquestionably, the one that comes top of the list is the Peers Hardy Horse Racing Derby. The Peers Hardy Group are primarily a manufacturer of gifts, including games. Unfortunately no longer in production, the Peers Hardy Horse Racing Derby was commonly sold in the UK via Next retail outlets.

The game was produced in both 4 lane and the rarer 5 lane version. The horses would race around the track twice to the sounds of music and cheering. The winner would be different each time and the finishing order shown on the electronic digital display. Restart the race at the touch of a button. Betting slips and play money were included.

More readily available is Silverlit horse racing. Most commonly seen as a 4 lane game, it has also been available in 2 lane and even 6 lane versions. Each horse is battery operated with moving legs that enable it to run around the track. Jockeys, which have differing weights, and lanes would be drawn prior to the start of the race. Press down on the horse’s tail to start it running and then push the button to release the gate and begin the race.

A third option we like that is also very popular with enthusiasts is Horse Race Challenge. The game usually came equipped with two horses (additional horses were available to buy separately) and two infra-red remote controls. These horses, larger than in the other games, are also battery operated. The big advantage that this game has is that the player is directly involved and an element of skill and judgement can affect the outcome.

We can help you source any of these games if they are not currently available. Please contact us with your requirements, location and budget (Peers Hardy in particular can be highly sought after and is heavy for shipping) and we’ll be in touch when a suitable one becomes available. We make no charge for this service though in some cases may receive a small commission from the vendor at no cost to the buyer.

Peers Hardy Horse Racing Derby:

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